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Using the Planner (Overview)

Get familiar with the ContentBurger Planner. Here’s what it looks like and how it works.

Step 1: Login to ContentBurger

Step 2: Now, starting from the ContentBurger’s Dashboard, click on the Planner located on the navigation bar.

After that, you’ll see two options on the left-hand side as Calendar View and List View.

Calendar View

 If you want to view your post in a Calendar form then click on the Calendar and select the social media channels where you have posted your content or blog.

In ContentBurger, the Calendar view lets you view your schedule posts on the calendar for each day.

ContentBurger creates a convenience for you to find the scheduled posts on the basis of Month and Week and Day If you’re looking for the post which is scheduled weekly then click on Week and your weekly posts will be shown. Same goes for Month and Day

Here, you can quickly overview your scheduled posts in a calendar which you have created and shared on different social and blog channels.

Use the Arrows to Move Between Dats

Adding a Post to a Date

You can easily start Adding a Post to a Particular Date by Simply Navigating to the Date in mind Clicking on the (+) Icon.

After Clicking the (+) Plus Icon, you can choose Between a Blog or Social Post and Start Adding a Post to that Date in the Planner

List View

ContentBurger facilities you by switching to a list view for your calendar. If you want to view more post, you need to scroll down and see more scheduled posts which you have shared or scheduled on different social sources.

 If you want to examine your post in a list form then click on the List View. After that, you can preview your posts in a sequence as shown in a below image.


Updated on February 23, 2021

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