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Overview Of Content Discovery

STEP 1: go to go.contentburger.io signup and login to your account.

STEP 2: From the dashboard click on discover.

STEP 3: from the drop down menu, choose the content type you want to discover ranging from Articles, Quotes, Gifs and Videos.

STEP 3: select any content type of your choice eg if article is selected, then choose from the recent articles or search for any topic of your choice then click share at the top right corner to share it either as a social post or a blog post if the necessary accounts are connected.

The above steps applies to Article, Quotes and Gifs, but for videos follow the steps bellow.

STEP 1: Select videos from the list of drop down menu after clicking discover.

STEP 2: Use the advance search to further search

STEP 3: Click on the search video and then it pops up , then click on share to choose to share it either as a social post or a blog post.

Updated on February 23, 2021

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