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How to connect Medium Blog

Connect your Medium Blog to social media with the following easy steps.

To push content on your Medium blogs, you need to connect your Medium blog with ContentBurger platform first. The following steps will guide you through that.

  1. In order to integrate your Medium account, you need to log into your ContentBurger account. Navigate your profile, go to Settings, click on the Blogs/Websites from the drop-down menu. Then click on Medium as shown below.

2. After connecting the medium account, you require to give the authority to ContentBurger for your medium account. Then Click on Okay button for further processing.

3. You will get a pop up message as shown below to that your Medium account has been connected successfully.

4. In the last step, make sure your account is successfully connected and showing in the list below.

Following all the steps provided above, you can successfully connect your Medium blog with the ContentBurger platform.


Updated on February 23, 2021

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