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How To Connect Facebook Groups

To get your groups connected with the ContentBurger platform, you need to follow the below simple steps.

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook Group settings. Sign in to your Facebook profile and follow the steps below.

A) At first, you need to add ContentBurger application to your Facebook group settings by going to your group main page and click  Edit Group Settings as shown below.

B) There you will find the ‘Apps’ section where you need to click ‘Add Apps’ as shown in the image below.

C) Once you click that, you will be taken to the next page where you need to browse ContentBurger, to add it to your Group settings, as illustrated in the below image.

D) Once you successfully search ContentBurger after clicking Add, you will successfully be able to schedule content to the Group.

E) ContenBurger app showing in your group settings indicates that you have successfully added the application to your Group.

1. Login to your Content Burger account.

Start writing or type / to choose a block

2. Click on the avatar icon located on the topbar menu. Start writing or type / to choose a block

3. Click Account Settings on the pop-up menu.

4. Click on the Facebook icon.

5. Login to your Facebook account that has Group you wish to integrate

6. Select Facebook Page on the pop up menu that appears after you Click Facebook icon.

7. Then, Click on the Save Icon

8. Your Facebook Page has been added successfully.

9. Your Facebook Page is now listed as one of your social channels.

Updated on February 22, 2021

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