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How To Add Posts To Planner

ContentBurger gives you the ability to schedule your posts and blogs which are under review and for filtering them further.

1. Login to your ContentBurger account

2. Click on the planner icon located at the top of your dashboard

You can view your work plans in two different formats.

 Feel free to choose any view options.

3. Locate the date of the post you want to add on the List or Calendar View

A) Click on the Plus + icon located at the top corner of each date icon. The plus icon only shows when you hover your mouse over the date of your choice

NOTE : Posts can only be added to present and future date(s).

4. a)Select Social post for Post to Social media.

b) Select blog post for post to blog or website.

5. Create Post

6. Select Accounts

Primary Blog : This should be your main blogging platform, where your post will be published first. You can only select 1 primary blog.

Secondary Channel : Secondary channels help in spreading your new blog post to multiple channels. Our publishing system takes care of all the necessary measures to not affect your SEO such as using rel canonical tag.

Social Sharing : After your blog post is published on your primary blog it will be shared in the social account(s).

7.Customize your Posts

Customize your Post to suit each account and social channel accordingly. you can make specific changes to each post to suit the format or perfectibility of the account or social channel the post is to be shared.

8. Publish Your Posts

A] Publish Now: Select this option to schedule post immediately

B] Schedule Post : Select this post to set a date/time that the Post will publish autommatically

C] Save As Draft : Select thiss option to save post as a draft that can be published later or just saved

Click on Save

Congratulations you have added your Post(s) to your planner.

Updated on February 23, 2021

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