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Article Links to Social Media

You can make proper use of our article link to social media with this easy steps.

1. Login to your ContentBurger account

2. Click on the Automation icon located at the top of your dashboard.

3. Click on the View Automations icon.

4. Click on the +Add New icon. This will add a new campaign

5. Fill in your New Campaign Name here.

6. Select at least one of your Social accounts or pages

7. After you select your account(s) click on the next button.

8. Optimize your posts

In this step, you have to apply the rules and filters to design the focus of your posts. The essence of your automation campaigns is knowing how to utilize these filters.

9. Search for any specific keyword or phrases.

10. Refine your Query : Make your content search more specific and efficient.

a.) Each result MUST ALSO contain ONE of these keywords : Any keyword that you enter here are bound appear in your content .

b.) Each result must NOT contain any of these keywords : This filter allows you to rule out all such content from your search result that you deem unworthy. You can enter those keywords here that you think cause irrelevancy in your search result.

c.) EXCLUDE results from these domains : This category allows you to discard the content from a specific domain even if the content fulfills the criteria of the assigned filters. This filter could be used to block weak content sources.

d.) Limit results to these domains only : This limits Search results to only the domains entered in this field

e.)Post Language: Limit Search results to a language

f.) Post Age : Select the post on the basis of its existence on the internet. You can select the most recent posts or filter them out for 1, 3, 7, 14, and 30 days. You can also add a specific date after which you want to fetch the content.

11. Add Hashtags to your posts :

a.) Fill in the name of the hashtag in the blank space provided.
b.) Fill in the Hashtag in the blank space provided eg. #morelife
c.)Click on the Next button

12. Schedule and finalize :

This is the final step where you can finalize the time and date of your post for your selected social media accounts. Below are the options which you could use while scheduling your posts. 

i) Recurring scheduler : You can automate your posts in a recurring manner at your selected time intervals (e.g. after several hours, days, or weeks).

ii) Schedule Time: You can schedule your posts for following time options.
a.) Run this campaign continuously starting today : This begins to run the campaign immediately.
b.) Set a start and end date/time : Selecting this option lets you set a date that the campaign will run.
c.) Fetch posts for the next  ____no._____ days in advance : These option lets you select a number of days in advance to fetch posts for.
d.) I’d like to review content before it is published : Selecting this option lets you preview content before it is posted.

13.) Click on the save icon.

14. Congratulations you have successfully created your campaign.


Updated on February 23, 2021

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